KOCHIA (Bassia Scoparia) Seed - Game Bird Honey

Kochia, an annual plant, provides excellent cover for all types of upland game birds and often used in game bird production pens.
The plant provides excellent wildlife cover and seed from the plant is a very good source of food for all types of upland game birds and songbirds.

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Kochia thrives in many different types of harsh soil conditions including sandy and alkaline type soils .
The plant is drought tolerant and is able to grow in areas with very thin topsoil.
It is especially suited to arid to semi arid regions and has the ability to germinate and grow at anytime during the growing season and will provide quick groundcover to protect topsoil for potential erosion

Germination of seed can occur multiple times throughout the growing season enabling it to take advantage of moisture when it is available
Suggested Optimal Planting Dates Plant in late April through early June , however seed can be planted throughout the growing season as long as adequate moisture is available for germination and successful plant growth before the first freeze or end of growing season.

Some game bird growers plant any time during growing season as long as there is adequate days in season to develop a mature plant .
Planting Rate Upland Game Pens 10 pounds per acre. Lesser seeding rate of 5 to 8 pounds on successive planting in bird pen areas.

Soil Preparation
Disc or harrow specified bird pen area so all existing vegetation is removed.
If equipment is available pack , roll or harrow the soil surface so as the ground is compacted .
One can broadcast the seed by hand or broadcast lawn seeder. The seed can also be planted with grass seed type planter. It is important the seed is planted in a similar manner as most lawn grass, no more than ¼ to 3/8 inch in the soil
After planting , pulling a harrow or drag rake to cover the seed with soil

Fertilization is not mandatory , however broadcasting a fertilizer with a higher amount of Nitogen will give the plant a significant boost to develop and flourish .

Plant Management
Producers who prefer larger plants often manually thin a designated area by hoeing or tilling so the plants are 12 to 24 inches apart

2023 Crop tested 50% germination

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